About us

Vince & Marge Pariseau  Our company was founded way back in 1968 by Vincent F. Pariseau (pictured here with his wife Marge.) In 1968 they already had nine young children with another due in April of 1969.  It was probably that fact alone that prompted Vince to branch out and start a new business on his own.  He began all by himself as none of their children were out of high school yet.  As the business grew, so did the need for additional employees and equipment.  Business blossomed as the Davison community began to rely on the products and services Pariseau's Printing provided.  Vince retired in 1991 but could be found at the 'shop' at least 3 times each week just checking in. Vince passed away on May 11, 2007, but his legacy lives on as he was great at teaching the art of printing as two of his sons, Steve & Al have developed into excellent printing craftsmen and keep customers coming back for their professionalism and products from simple copies to laminating to complete job layout and printing.

Stop by anytime - just like Vince always did.  We'll sure miss him around here!

As you can tell . . . this really is Pariseau's Printing!!

218 E. Mill Street   •   Davison, Michigan USA   •   810-653-8420

E-mail us at:  sales@pariseausprinting.com